About Us

HACADEMY is an online learning platform for Halal industry. Acts as one stop centre for professional Halal certified courses which needed to fulfil the demand of human capital. With HACADEMY, a lot of courses from different training provider you can study whenever and wherever you choose.

Why Choose Us

With a wide choice of courses taught in English and a global reputation for excellence, HACADEMY can help you get where you want to be. To be a Halal certified trainer, this is the place for you to boost your value of hire ability through flexible and independent learning.

We have substantial amount of Halal trainers certified by JAKIM, ready to provide the necessary knowledge for anyone who's interested with our Halal courses. Our objective is not only to provide Halal trainings for all, but to produce quality Halal graduates which to meet the standards of Halal industry out there.


We are from research group of Halal development and commercialization. Our interest are Halal education technology, Halal informatics, Halal training, Halal big data and Halal certification.

We have been established as a Holistics Research Lab based on Johor Bahru, Malaysia for over 8 years and our bright ideas are still as fresh as ever! So if you think it’s time to reinvent yourself or you are just starting out, lets learn Halal in a smart ways with HACADEMY!


To act as one stop centre for human capital development in Halal industry that link between job offerings by the industry and talents by the potential employees. Thus, having the potential of penetrating the global Halal market specifically in the area of Halal education, training and development due to its unique criterias of borderless, global and flexibility.


To be the best place for educators to develop an online training courses, also to deliver online Halal courses for Halal trainee/ executives/ learners. Thus, the employer of Halal-related product company can use this platform to find the qualified employee for their company.